Medical Marijuana – Does it make people more violent?

Medical marijuana indicates the usage of the basic extracts of the cannabis plant or the whole of it in order to treat a wide range of ailments. Marijuana is not similar to medical marijuana. People tend to get confused between marijuana and cannabis. Cannabis is considered to be the category for the plant species which is inclusive of marijuana and hemp. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is considered to be the characteristics which distinguish hemp from marijuana. THC refers to the content which is present cannabis and can get the users high. THC is available in the concentration of 0.3% in Hemp whereas the concentration of THC is higher than 0.31 in marijuana. Marijuana and hemp are known to be the different forms of cannabis and comprise of medically beneficial levels of various cannabinoids.

Marijuana And Guns

Though it is possible to get medical marijuana in several places, individuals are encountering some issues while managing the health issues with the aid of this drug. For getting the pot, they require surrendering their rights of owning a fun. This is due to the fact that though marijuana is used for several medical purposes, they are considered to be illegal under the federal law. Thus, the authorities have asked the gun dealers not to sell them to people who are using marijuana medically. Thus, the federal law is prohibiting the users of the drug to own the guns. Thus, it is not possible to use medical marijuana and guns together.

In accordance with the latest research, it has been concluded that the consistent use of the cannabis may result in violent behavior owing to the direct results of different changes in the functions of the brain which are caused due to smoking of weed over a prolonged period of time.

Researchers have established a correlation between violent crime and the use of marijuana. Contrary to the use of illegal drugs such as meth, alcohol, the mellowing effects of the cannabis are suitable for the promotion of the violent behavior. However, several pieces of research in the past have revealed that the use of marijuana is interlinked with the enhanced violet behavior. The sticky issue in these studies contributes to being the parameters which are involved in the interpretation of this correlation. It is hard to determine if any correlation exists between violent behavior and the use of marijuana.

Relation Between Smoking Pot And Violent Behavior Of A Person

The causal relationship between the violent behavior of a person and smoking pots can be in opposite directions. Thus, people who are committing the criminal offenses or involved in violence may be those people who are more open to the use of marijuana. Marijuana is after all an illegal substance in a plethora of places. Hence, individuals with the different antisocial personality traits and people who tend to break the laws are those who are more open to using or consuming the illegal substance. According to some researchers, a causal relationship exists between the exposure of cannabis and subsequent violet outcomes across an integral part of the lifespan.

The reason why the new study is considered to be more compelling in comparison to the previous studies is that the researchers followed the similar people for more than 50 years from the young age to adults. The subjects of the study include 411 boys born around the year of 1953 and residing in the working class urban areas of London. More than 95% of them were recognized to be Caucasian and the parents who raised them were from 2 households. Several factors which were taken into consideration during the research were inclusive of the usage of alcohol, Antisocial Personality Scale, smoking, drug usage, family history and mental illness.

Thus, according to the latest study, most of the participants never consumed the cannabis and reported of violent behavior. Almost 38% of the subject opted for cannabis at least once in the lifetime. A wide array of them tried cannabis in the teenage but stopped soon after. Almost 20% of them started using the same from the age of 18 and the usage was continued through the middle age. One-fifth of them used to be pot smokers and reported violent behavior post to the use of cannabis. However, 0.3% of the subjects were found to showcase medical marijuana violence after using weed. The consistent use of the marijuana people violent throughout their life was considered to be the strongest predictor for the convictions of violence.


What does Jeff Sessions say about Medical Marijuana?

Myth – Increased use in teens

The legalization of medical marijuana has prompted many to have different beliefs that they dearly uphold. For most, the legalization of medical marijuana in 29 states saw the fear of parents rise in the belief that this legalization would direly resort to teens believing the use of it is okay. The truth in this belief is wanting, as no published studies have shown an increase in the rate of teens using medical marijuana as a recreational drug since its legalization in California in 1996.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows no recognition of marijuana plant as a medicine. In spite of this, the conducted scientific studies of the chemical components in marijuana have led to the FDA to approve two medications in pills form that contain cannabinoid chemical components. The FDA fails to recognize marijuana for its medicinal purposes because of the failure of researchers to conduct not hundreds but thousands of clinical trials on human subjects to establish its risks and benefits.

Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is legalized in 29 states while it is decriminalized in 13 states. The approaches in these states concerning marijuana significantly differ. Some of the states permit homegrown cultivation and dispensaries while some only allow dispensaries. Over the years, many including democrats and republicans together with independents have continually shown increased support for the legalization and the recognition of medical marijuana. The federal government has yet to recognize it due to insignificant studies. The federal government has been very apt on its demand for scientific proof to recognize ably marijuana for its medical usefulness. The government has shown increased reluctance to evaluate the medicinal value of marijuana.

Jeff Sessions Medical Marijuana

Jeff Sessions’ fight against medical marijuana has seen banks perceiving medical marijuana as a great risk rather than an opportunity. Jeff Sessions opinion medical marijuana has deemed it as no cure for the opioid problems facing the country. He has further blamed marijuana and other drugs as the cause of the crisis. He believes that there is dire need to fight against medical marijuana since its harms outweigh its benefits. He has taken significant steps in rallying against the legalization of medical marijuana. For one, he sent a letter to lawmakers to focus on repealing the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which offers protection to medicinal marijuana businesses. Jeff Sessions has not relented and on January 4, 2018, he rescinded the Cole memo making way for charges brought by the state-level attorney generals to be per their discretion. Jeff Sessions opinion medical marijuana has resulted in him being sued by a combat veteran. The veteran had tried all other options available to him to get through his PTSD but was unable to until he found medical marijuana. The veteran who experienced the tolls of PTSD for 13 years after having served in the severest sections of the military took Jeff Sessions to court alongside with other five plaintiffs such as Alexis, a 12-year-old marijuana patient. The plaintiffs alleged the Controlled Substance Act deeming medical marijuana illegal is unconstitutional. The act courtesy of Jeff Sessions classifies marijuana alongside substances such as heroin, which is deemed to have no medical use. Jeff Sessions is however undeterred by these lawsuits and is committed to using the CSA to ensure medical marijuana is completely rid of its legality.

How to get your medical marijuana card?

Marijuana is not legal in all 50 states, making the use and sale of marijuana and cannabis illegal under the law in some states. Marijuana dispensaries are usually located in states where marijuana is legal, but these dispensaries can still be raided by law enforcement. Things You Need to order for Marijuana. We will explain how to get your medical marijuana card and improve your life.

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  1. Talk with a doctor about being approved for a medical marijuana card. He must provide medical evidence for the card and write a prescription for you to get marijuana and cannabis products such as brownies and cookies, which can be obtained at a clinic.
  2. Contact Hemp and Cannabis (THC Foundation) at (800) 723-0188 to learn more about being a patient and being registered for a medical marijuana card. You must undergo diagnostic and laboratory tests to prove the medical necessity of marijuana as a method of treatment.
  3. Contact the county office. Specific requirements may be required in addition to a written recommendation from a physician. Ask about the documentation that may be needed. County requirements can vary widely and must be obtained by contacting the county office directly.
  4. Pay the application fee. In 2009, the application fee for a medical marijuana card is estimated at $ 100.

Obtaining Medical Cannabis: Misconceptions and Errors

People who are completely new to using cannabis or are not aware of marijuana for medical and legal purposes are becoming knowledgeable about the wonderful benefits of becoming a legal cannabis patient. The first step for those seeking information on how to obtain a medicinal cannabis card is to pay particular attention to the frequent mistakes made by the candidate patients in:

Misunderstanding about cannabis laws

People have to keep to the spirit that all forms of possession, sale and use of cannabis are still prohibited in the United States under federal law.Nevertheless, if people can understand the rules of the state and do enough investigations, they will understand that state rules provide a legitimate safe haven for people seeking to consume marijuana to obtain medicinal benefits . Therefore, they are also set by the country if they pursue all appropriate measures.

Aspirant patients I do not know the method of obtaining a Cannabis Medical card

Cannabis itself is one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the world. In addition, the medical cannabis branch is huge in itself.In fact, this gigantic scale industry works on a fine line while you try to accommodate the needs of budding patients and the makers of the rule. People who do not understand the needs and the pressure of this business are going to be scrapped because of the reality that producers, doctors, politicians and 420 small businesses are all people coming up for a reason, and they are indeed protecting their image. And, it would look terribly wrong if normal cannabis users were arrogant to reporters about their abilities to cheat the system. When you get a medicinal cannabis card in your area, it will make you legal for medical cannabis use.

Many people have no clue where to start

One of the most difficult parts of how to get a medical cannabis card in the US, or any other place, is to start the procedure in a legal and correct way. If you use the Internet most of the time, then you can see that a medical cannabis survey does not offer anything, but a lot of announcements for clinics and doctors selling their services. So, you have to be aware of that. You must carefully choose only the doctors who are licensed for medical cannabis.