Can I get medical marijuana suffering from PTSD?

Human body, after or during a trauma, will do what it can for protecting the body from more damages. Even the stress response make people take rapid decisions when you are in possible life-threatening situations. Some people can easily bounce back from that traumatic situation and continue to leave their life without any issues. But there are some who eventually develop PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a condition which can last for many months or even years. One of the most effective treatments for this PTSD is medical marijuana. But, is it possible to get medical marijuana when diagnosed with PTSD in your state? Read on to know more.

What Is PTSD?

The PTSD is the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder which can cause severe anxiety. This disorder often develops when someone is exposed to a certain event or situation that caused a psychological trauma. There are several symptoms of this disorder, such as:

Insomnia or sleep problems Anger or aggressionIrritabilityLack of concentrationPhobia of some people, places or experiencesBlackout

This can develop when a person experience a dangerous or scary event. Due to experience they suffer a shock causing post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a very common disorder and many people around the world suffer from this issue. Often certain situations or circumstances can increase the stress level and anxiety in the patients abruptly. They also find it hard to calm down and fall asleep at night.

Is Medical Marijuana Effective For PTSD?

Medical Marijuana has been proven as a great treatment for anxiety, dizziness, depression and sleep disturbances. All these are also the symptoms of treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Even many studies have shown that many treatments cannot help the PTSD patients as effectively as the medical marijuana does. In many treatment-resistant treating post-traumatic stress disorder cases, medical marijuana has worked as a miracle. Scientifically saying, cannabinoid receptors are located in different places throughout your brain and body. Hence, both physical and mental symptoms can be possibly altered with the help of medical marijuana.

Though there are some states that have legal issues regarding marijuana, there are many who have accepted medical marijuana legally. Hence, more and more studies are coming out these days about the effectiveness and benefits of medical marijuana on the PTSD patients. The best part is that FDA has also approved the studies of medical marijuana and its effects in 2017 on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. A recent study has shown that patients treated with medical marijuana had improved by 75% more than that of the patients not treated with cannabis.

Medical Marijuana For Treating Anxiety & Depression

There are several studies based on the effects of Medical Marijuana on depression and anxiety. Most of the patients with PTSD saw a significant improvement in the symptoms. Medical marijuana effectively reduce the stress and anxiety causing a calming effect all over the brain and body. Thus, it helps the patients to relax and get sleep at night. But severe intake of medical marijuana can also cause adverse effect on your health and mental state. Thus, it is always better to ask your physician before you start taking. Some of the adverse effects that can due to overuse of this cannabis are paranoia, increase anxiety and psychosis.

Which States Legally Accepted Medical Marijuana?

If you are wondering whether or not it is possible to get medical marijuana if you are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, then you need to know which states have legally accepted it. Majority of the states have legally accepted the use of medical marijuana. But you will need a prescription from your health physician stating that you have been diagnosed with PTSD. Those 23 states are:

ArkansasArizonaConnecticutFloridaCaliforniaDelawareIllinoisHawaiiMarylandMaineMinnesotaNevadaMassachusettsMontanaMichiganNew JerseyOregonWashingtonOhioRhode IslandNew DakotaNew MexicoPennsylvania


So, if you are looking for an answer to – is it possible to get medical marijuana when diagnosed with PTSD, then you probably have got the answer. You can get medical marijuana if you are a PTSD patient only if you are staying in these above mentioned 23 states. As of now, these are the states that have legally accepted the use of medical marijuana. So, by showing the prescription you will be able to buy the permitted amount of medical marijuana for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.