Medical Marijuana – Does it make people more violent?

Medical marijuana indicates the usage of the basic extracts of the cannabis plant or the whole of it in order to treat a wide range of ailments. Marijuana is not similar to medical marijuana. People tend to get confused between marijuana and cannabis. Cannabis is considered to be the category for the plant species which is inclusive of marijuana and hemp. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is considered to be the characteristics which distinguish hemp from marijuana. THC refers to the content which is present cannabis and can get the users high. THC is available in the concentration of 0.3% in Hemp whereas the concentration of THC is higher than 0.31 in marijuana. Marijuana and hemp are known to be the different forms of cannabis and comprise of medically beneficial levels of various cannabinoids.

Marijuana And Guns

Though it is possible to get medical marijuana in several places, individuals are encountering some issues while managing the health issues with the aid of this drug. For getting the pot, they require surrendering their rights of owning a fun. This is due to the fact that though marijuana is used for several medical purposes, they are considered to be illegal under the federal law. Thus, the authorities have asked the gun dealers not to sell them to people who are using marijuana medically. Thus, the federal law is prohibiting the users of the drug to own the guns. Thus, it is not possible to use medical marijuana and guns together.

In accordance with the latest research, it has been concluded that the consistent use of the cannabis may result in violent behavior owing to the direct results of different changes in the functions of the brain which are caused due to smoking of weed over a prolonged period of time.

Researchers have established a correlation between violent crime and the use of marijuana. Contrary to the use of illegal drugs such as meth, alcohol, the mellowing effects of the cannabis are suitable for the promotion of the violent behavior. However, several pieces of research in the past have revealed that the use of marijuana is interlinked with the enhanced violet behavior. The sticky issue in these studies contributes to being the parameters which are involved in the interpretation of this correlation. It is hard to determine if any correlation exists between violent behavior and the use of marijuana.

Relation Between Smoking Pot And Violent Behavior Of A Person

The causal relationship between the violent behavior of a person and smoking pots can be in opposite directions. Thus, people who are committing the criminal offenses or involved in violence may be those people who are more open to the use of marijuana. Marijuana is after all an illegal substance in a plethora of places. Hence, individuals with the different antisocial personality traits and people who tend to break the laws are those who are more open to using or consuming the illegal substance. According to some researchers, a causal relationship exists between the exposure of cannabis and subsequent violet outcomes across an integral part of the lifespan.

The reason why the new study is considered to be more compelling in comparison to the previous studies is that the researchers followed the similar people for more than 50 years from the young age to adults. The subjects of the study include 411 boys born around the year of 1953 and residing in the working class urban areas of London. More than 95% of them were recognized to be Caucasian and the parents who raised them were from 2 households. Several factors which were taken into consideration during the research were inclusive of the usage of alcohol, Antisocial Personality Scale, smoking, drug usage, family history and mental illness.

Thus, according to the latest study, most of the participants never consumed the cannabis and reported of violent behavior. Almost 38% of the subject opted for cannabis at least once in the lifetime. A wide array of them tried cannabis in the teenage but stopped soon after. Almost 20% of them started using the same from the age of 18 and the usage was continued through the middle age. One-fifth of them used to be pot smokers and reported violent behavior post to the use of cannabis. However, 0.3% of the subjects were found to showcase medical marijuana violence after using weed. The consistent use of the marijuana people violent throughout their life was considered to be the strongest predictor for the convictions of violence.